Trucking Company Responsibilities to Prevent Crashes

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Explains When a Company May be at Fault

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Explains Commercial Trucking Company Negligence.No one’s life should ever be harmed or lost for the sake of profit. Tragically, trucking companies all-too-often put people’s lives on the line just to better their bottom line. Despite trucking safety regulations designed to prevent 18 wheeler crashes, preventable truck accidents still happen. In many cases, it is because truck owners are cutting corners. These may include:

  • Foregoing inspections because findings would force them to make costly repairs;
  • Putting drivers in positions where they have to violate hours-of-service laws and drive fatigued to keep up with deadlines;
  • Failing to invest in proper training for drivers;
  • Skimping out on maintaining their trucks in good working order.

What Challenges Do Truck Accident Victims Face?

Houston truck accident attorney Phillip Brantley has seen the struggles that victims and their families endure in the wake of an 18 wheeler crash, including:

  • Adjusting to life with a catastrophic injury, such as a brain injury or paralysis
  • Losing someone they planned to spend the rest of their life with because of a fatal truck accident injury
  • Falling into debt due to a mountain of hospital bills and other medical expenses, including physical therapy and rehabilitation costs
  • No longer being able to hold a job because of the severity of a truck accident injury

You can speak to truck accident lawyer Phillip Brantley for free to learn more about 18 wheeler crashes. We can also explain how Phillip Brantley & Associates, P.C. may be able to help you. We can answer your questions, discuss your legal rights and explain the options available to you. Knowing this information will enable you to make decisions about your situation that are in your and your family’s best interests. In addition, you should always talk to an attorney as soon as possible after an accident or injury to make sure you do not miss deadlines to file a lawsuit or allow evidence crucial to your case to be lost.

What Happens After an 18 Wheeler Crash?

Trucking companies and their insurers face the aftermath of 18 wheeler crashes on a daily basis. So, what happens after a truck company’s vehicle is in a wreck? Its insurer and legal team go to work discrediting the drivers of the other vehicles involved in the incident. In fact, it is common practice for trucking company insurers to have representatives at the accident scene while victims are still receiving medical attention and police are just beginning to investigate the crash. Due to the fact that trucking companies act so quickly to deflect blame for a 18 wheeler wreck, victims and their families need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible following the incident. This helps to make sure to protect your rights.

Houston Truck Accident Attorney for Victims of Trucking Company Negligence

Nothing will ever make up for the suffering truck accident survivors and the families of fatal tractor-trailer wreck victims must endure. However, a truck accident lawsuit can help ensure that victims and their families receive the compensation they need for future case. In addition, a civil lawsuit holds these negligent individuals or companies accountable and prevents them from hurting others.

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