Personal Injury Attorney Fees

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Explains Contingency Fee Agreements

Most people have never faced anything like the aftermath of severe car accident, 18-wheeler wreck or oil refinery explosion. It is the kind of moment that turns your whole life upside down in an instant. One second it is just an ordinary day and the next you are adjusting to life with a permanent injury. You then have to figure out how to afford hospital bills. Then, you may face a job loss because your injury prevents you from continuing to work full time or at all.

On top of all of that, if it was someone else’s negligence that left you injured or took the life of your loved one, then you may have a long legal battle ahead of you to secure the compensation you and your family desperately need. However, how can you afford to pay personal injury attorney fees when you may not even be able to afford your hospital bills or have lost your job due to injury?

How Do Personal Injury Attorney Fees Work?

At Phillip Brantley & Associates, P.C., we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients only have to pay us attorney fees if we secure a successful verdict or settlement for them. Contingency fee agreements only include attorney fees. Court costs, which can include filing fees and other incidentals, are not included in contingency fee agreements. The attorney fee payment in the case of successful verdict or settlement is an agreed-upon percentage of the compensation you are awarded. Therefore, if your case is unsuccessful, you do not owe us attorney fees.

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Do not settle for an attorney with little to no experience. In many cases, they will charge you just as much as an experienced attorney. Houston personal injury attorney Phillip Brantley has been protecting the rights of injury victims and their families for nearly 30 years. Phillip Brantley & Associates, P.C. is a fixture in the Houston area, both within the community, where we provide pro bono services to local churches, and in the court system, where we have fought on behalf of our clients since 1989.

It costs nothing to speak with our Houston personal injury lawyer about your situation. He will gladly explain what legal rights you have in your circumstance. He can then answer any questions you have and discuss your best options. You cannot make an informed decision about your future without knowing this information. Call now at (800)964-4053.